Nature is akin to a cosmic body. Microbes,WHY SHOULD WE AT ALL BREAK APART THIS ECOLOGICAL CYCLE TO WHICH WE ARE ALL BOUND? Articles plants, trees, rivers, mountains etc are very much its bodily parts and organs. Due to their mutual cooperation this gigantic body remains healthy and well balanced. The body never has its own independent existence. It is in fact a cumulative form of the organs of action, the organs of knowledge and various other gross parts. Via mutual cooperation the body’s functions are executed. Thus one gets benefits of balanced health and well being. The weight age of all bodily parts is scrog.

The brain dwells on the top most region of the body. The brain takes various decisions on deep thinking but yet merely for this reason it cannot be called most useful. Other bodily units are no less useful. Eyes, ears, nose etc are no less useful than the brain because these like a hard working sweeper they are immersed in getting nourishment for various organs and evicting foreign matter that enters the body so as to render the latter clean. The lungs and kidneys carry out the dirtiest task of keeping the body clean. Lest we fail to get their help our health and well being shall go awry and haywire. Thus the body shall not be able to carry out its function for long. Hence in order to render our health and well being optimal we shall have to pay due attention to every unit of the body.

This same law can be applied to the cosmic nature. Every unit of it is related to each other in mutual cooperation. All are important and useful in their own way and they play a prime role in carrying out nature’s functions. It is possible that from the gross standpoint its utility value cannot be perceived and may appear not needful. Yet from the standpoint of the balance of the entire world they are very important. Man’s vision of testing as per his understanding of utility is not only one-sided but lacking farsightedness also. It is hence that man looking upon so many units as not needful keeps destroying them for his selfish gains. As time will tell these efforts of his shall affect the entire ecological cycle. Imbalance sets in nature’s management whose painful reaction manifests as various types of natural calamities.

Experts of Ecology Science which is a branch of modern science say that lest man stops undesirable tampering nature’s cyclic functioning shall go on in a well managed and balanced fashion. Any speed breaker setting in it is the result of man’s interference. In order to augment material prosperity instead of imbibing a farsighted permanent policy due to imbibing of policies lacking farsightedness like milking nature dry the entire nature’s family becomes imbalanced. Those cycles are breaking apart that are known to function with the help of inert-conscious units of nature in their varied aspects. According to renowned ecologists the foundation of ecology science says that from the balance standpoint every unit of nature is equally useful and that they are mutually dependent on each other. It is our ill fortune that man fails to understand this principle. Hence from the standpoint of accruing immediate benefits at any cost is destroying so many microbes, creatures, plants etc selfishly since he erroneously thinks they are not useful.

Sir Julius Huxley had once said that mobility demands balance wherein the help and cooperation of nature’s units appearing anomalous is most required. This is possible only when the very existence of inert-conscious units seeming anomalous is rendered well protected and secure.

The great scholar Paul Pears opines that lest we wish to render civilization secure the study and research in the realm of Ecology Science must be given as much importance as is given to other useful topics. Without understanding the importance of creatures, plants and other units man shall not give them due protection. If the other rings of the chain of nature’s cycle get destroyed man shall fail to render his own existence safe and protected.

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