What are the identification methods for the genuine watch and false watch?

Are there anyways to distinguish the difference between genuine and fake Omega watches? Today, the professional online seller http://www. Fake Louis Vuitton .com/ for the business about the high imitation watches would tell you their experience for the real and false for the replica watches such as the replica omega and replica breitling.The first skill we should pay attention to is that we should look at the production number on the case of the watches.

Almost all of Omega watches have the production number and one replica omega has its only one number. It has been usually engraved on the back of the watch cover or behind the shell of the watch. The number is usually a 8-bit digital. If it is the mechanical watch, the8-digit production number would also appear on the edge of the splint in movement. The production number of the case is in consistent with the production serial number of the movement.

True form of the production number is the engraved type which is deep and very clear. If it had been engraved on the cover after the table, it will form the back arc of the back cover of the hublot replica watches, that is, the figures also arranged a circular arc. The numbers on the fake table are generally horizontal vertical.The Production serial number of the current production of Omega watches are engraved behind one of a shell claw position.

The figures were carved very small and dense. This approach could not be learned by the imitation watches manufacturers.he production number of the replica omega is basically one number. Whether they are male form or female form, the production numbers are all the same.The second point is about that we should look at the case identification of the replica breitling especially the K gold watch. There are identifications on the case of watches such as the pattern of the balance, 18K or 750 marks, Bona dog’s head or woman head tag.

These tags have been stamped very small and clear. On the other hand, these marks on the replica iwc portuguese are often thick and fuzzy. We should also look at the mark on the strap of the watches. No matter what kind of methods you use, you should have more knowledge about the luxury watch you want to buy in the future.

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