Career Options After BA LLB Degree

In Today’s interconnected world defining the changing dynamics of the economy, ucdm there is a dire need for a deeper understanding of the legal environment. The course dealing with such an environment provides you an opportunity to work in different fields such as tax, defense, and labor departments etc.

While pursuing a course in the field of law, one can get skilled in civil, criminal, and commercial laws. One can also get exposed to experiential learning and hands-on training. Being passionate about this field sparks one to learn the ability to accept the challenges of the future and play active roles in reforming and uplifting Indian society.

The BA LLB course in Punjab is the right choice for students who want to make their career in the field of law as this course helps them in improving their analytical abilities, logical reasoning, and communication skills. One gets an opportunity to work in the various fields of law such as litigation, law firms, legal process outsourcing, government agencies, and banks, etc.

One can also apply for State as well as Central Government jobs after completing this course. This five-year integrated course opens up an opportunity to work as an Attorney Generals, Public Prosecutors, Judges, advocate in the law court, legal advisors in an organization, lawyers handling tax divisions in big firms, Solicitor General, etc. Besides working, one can also pursue further studies taking up specializations in labor laws, administrative laws, environment laws, co-operative laws, international laws, intellectual property rights, and many more.

A Litigation Lawyer or Litigation Attorney represents a client by defending them in the court of law or in legal proceedings in the presence of the judge. The prime responsibility of a litigation lawyer is to draft the legal documents and to present them before the judge and are required to make lots of courtroom appearances and handle cases of the civil variety. The demand of being a litigation lawyer is observing an upsurge fostering the right set of degrees and skills

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