Engagement Ring – A Guide To Buyers

Many men feel dumbfounded when it comes to engagement ring buying. It is common for them to walk into a jewelry store with sweaty palms and feelings of being out of sorts. For the majority of men who do not wear jewelry themselves, the concept of buying a unique engagement rings for the opposite sex can be intimidating and frustrating. There are some tips to go by when selecting a ring.

Some men do not wear jewelry and have no idea about it at all. They might have a cell phone to check the time or a rubber Timex on their wrist that they have been wearing since their teens. If you`re a man who knows nothing about jewelry let alone engagement rings then there are some things you should know.

Engagement rings are typically made up of diamonds and gold. Most rings are made with either a yellow gold band or a white gold band and can vary in the thickness of the band. On top of the band will sit a diamond of an assortment of shapes and the diamond can be solo or in a group.

The engagement ring should be an engagement ring and not just a “ring”. Some men make the mistake of heading into a jewelry store pretending that they know what they are doing. And while trying to save money shop around for a ring that they can propose with. The truth is not just any ring can pull off the job as an engagement ring can. It has to sport the look and design and feel that only an engagement ring can.

If you want to be taken seriously when you get down on one knee and pop the question, then you need to have a ring to back it up. And I`m not saying that the ring has to cost tens of thousands of dollars, but it at least has to resemble an engagement ring. Engagement rings do not need to break the bank and be financed over dozens of months like a car payment. A beautiful ring can be found and purchased that does not cost a lot of money. Save the extra money for the wedding itself!

Jewelry stores will have a range of prices for the engagement ring and if you`re not happy with that range then shop around. All jewelry stores are priced differently, so for example if you went into a Birks and could not find a suitably priced ring, then head over to another store until you are pleased with the prices.

Another great way to find a quality ring for less is at a pawn shop. Sure it sounds like a dirty deed, but many pawn shops are done up quite well and have a fancy decor to them. For anyone who had a ring to sell for whatever the reason, you can buy it for a cheaper price. That is perfect for anyone who wants quality and size for a fraction of the price, and as long as you`re not superstitious then you will be golden!

As long as you can see the diamond on the engagement ring without having to squint or put on glasses, then you are fine. And if you need further help in deciding what her taste is, you can view her other rings or ask a friend of hers to snoop around for you. She might be able to get the answers that you need.

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